Serendipity Ceremonies
A wedding by any other name....."The words "wedding" and "marriage" have meaning that is not defined by law nor owned by the government.!".....Catie Curtice

Every couple, regardless of their sexual orientation, deserves equal rights and equal treatment under the law.

I support marriage equality and believe that in time, same sex couples will be able to marry in every state. Until then ... New Jersey has recently enacted the NJ Civil Union Law. Every Couple deserves the right to publicly declare their love and commitment to one another. A Commitment Ceremony or Civil Union Ceremony can be a truly meaningful, empowering and personally satisfying way to acknowledge, declare ,affirm and celebrate the significance and authenticity of your union.  It is my honor to unite you and your life partner! At the heart of your commitment or civil union ceremony are the pledges or ‘vows’ that the two of you will make to each other. As your commitment to each other is the same as in any other wedding ceremony, I offer the same beautifully crafted Serendipity Wedding Ceremonies for you and your partner to celebrate your love and commitment to one another.If it is your wish to publicly declare your promise in front of your family and friends, contact me to begin creating the ceremony of your dreams!